Moving from pi house

It’s taking an awful long time to move myself but hopefully I’ll buy my way out soon. Might take a few years of coming back now and then for a bit. Once I’m out though that’s it I’m out!

Of course I’ll have to get a TV I mean they all live in TV man so I can’t go without one. Maybe a stick PC of some sort to do whatever it is I need to do – I mean I’ll need something like that for that eBay shit innit?

Eventually I’ll get a VR headset that works with an Oxygen bar but I’ve gotta get one of both first…

In the meantime whilst I wait I’ll just make sure I watch and call the house with SkyQ app……..

More importantly is how I’m gonna land! So OK it seems I can dock or anchor onto the ring itself so I’ll be leaving that onboard the shuttle.

OK great – let’s do this.

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