Eau Du Toilette


When I started my shift the toilet was blocked and always had been. I unblocked it and the rest is now modern history.

The clock was really showing it’s age back then though. That good old rectal thermometer.

The telephone is connected to a dungeon underneath nicknamed the deep. Approximately the same size as the city that sits on top of it – it hides a granite clock that measures the heat given off a chain reaction.

Nothing really interesting and I’ve been down there before – even in the clock chamber.

Yes I did add a few things to make the place down below move along but it’s literally just a few computers to help the regulator etc. Nothing special.

There’s nowhere to live down below though.

So yes I quite literally live ontop of hell. Explains my madness!

TBH I don’t want to be attached too much to this project although I know it was me that did it – I basically flushed a dirty fucking toilet man and it took 30 fucking years. I’m fucking sick now aswell!

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