Straight razor for straight people?

I will be bald at Dreammac and the future Pi house. Balded with my shavette as that will keep my head activity and heat down.

At Chinwell I think it’ll be cold won’t it so some hair I’ll need but still shave, I will need to go to Aston’s to get my shaving and smoking stuff – when I’m done with this hill that is 😉

Fish like chicken

You know I was getting into the idea of fishing and having a fish diet @ringer island. But nah in fact the land food of chicken will change won’t it to sea chicken. That’s good, fish that tastes like chicken with chicken like bones. 

It has to innit, the default food from the clock is gonna have to change. 

So it’ll be chicken-fish and chips galore then 😂

Oh sorry I meant

Free time incorporated is what I’m doing now, it’s my activity. That will be the light conditioners etc.

My O2 free time is what I need the most help with, that though is different as it’s the lucky cards not the lotto.

Before I forget

I’m allergic to wristwatches as D, due to my pulse but that’s normal for me. Hence I’ll be releasing Rolex for then. 

As zinc-O I’ll be able to wear things on my wrist so no problem there with Dreammac or my own paracord.

Dpi just needs a watch that’s powered up as opposed to worn all the time, oh and those cat friends will be at DPI not Chinwell.

To be honest

I doubt I’m much use or interest to anyone in my current state. I literally ended up like Allan man, but nothing to worry about.