In 1:1 ratio

Skype available to all, Dreammac is Numac side only. LC available to all, Ice is Dreammac side only. 

Make a Skype package for the O2 wristwatch only, call or Dreamland and make it available to all but for the Helios side only. 

Problem solved as the mirror fire starter needs visible light to work anyhow 😉

His and hers

X-Drive: sounds a lot like x-rays no? But anyway those need pi to work.

Hero drive: so there’s no such thing as one that puts out O2, only Oxygen. Hero drives need Phi to work not pi. 

Pronunciation – language

Nah-to, Netto, Nayto…….different ways that Nato is pronounced. It is at the end of the day just a group. It is the armies of the north. Formed after Atom bomb when it became important again for people to stay at home.

Oh sorry

I meant to say also that this will mean they will be Oxo – the O side of OH. Cool 🙂