To All: I love you ALL!!!

I didn’t think I would get there: “Don’t know how much longer I’ll live” but now know that I am molecular. Fantastic!

I didn’t think I would get through the telephone stimulation: but feeling a lot better now, soon hopefully Zinc will be feeling fantastic as I’m as keen to fuck as you are!

I didn’t think that I would ever be able to break my silence but here I am 5K posts later and feeling a lot better now that I have cut my nails lol!

i didn’t think I would get beyond the horny-wank of Tritium but here I am now knowing why I played that game C18! it’s all about “let go of them – we want them!”

I thought I would never escape the damn phone but – hey BTEC all done!

I honestly probably would have never escaped the atomic family equation but the J bird is singing now 🙂

Soon I will wonder what I use to think about all day and night long, as I live life to the fullest.

It’s been eventful and quite an experience but I am let go now 🙂

Here’s to moving onwards and upwards!


Thanks for your patience and understanding

Now come on give them a chance, I mean I was a walk in and it is very difficult times. Plus I made a big change to all which means I got everyone’s attention. God’s ~ Plan was more to enable others to work with me and me with them. So therefore I am dependant upon others and their performance and ability too – as opposed to being a one man band.

Thus I must ensure that I wait patiently – this also gives me the experience I need to live in a colour world, as it ain’t black and white.

I mean come on; I was confused over my name being Num and also whether or not I solved Phi or Pi 😉

That is what money should be anyway

As it does get in the way otherwise, paper money is filthy! Electronic currencies are the best way forward and I am looking forward to that for one.

Bitcoin is pressing your own bullion when you reach a milestone economically.

I was Satoshi but you know that was to fix the economy after the collapse and the work was to make electronic money with cryptography. The end result was actually ForexSauce.