Oh magic 8 ball

All O2 watches one day will work like Apple and Android Pay. Except as a way to bank not just make payments. So you can earn money and get paid the new way plus pay others. Literally mobile banking 🙂

I’m looking forward to that but it’s dependant on them making their own time and trades.


I don’t remember

As my memories are very vague and sketchy about it but I know there’s an island surrounded by water. The water is not the boundary to the inner-space, on the island there is a log wood tent which I think has a basement leading to the storm bunker. As there used to be a lot of storms and there still may be – I think that’s where I am; in the bunker past the air-lock doors and fast asleep in my Dreammac.

What was each one?

  1. Seiko is how my shift actually started – my time to take care of this clock now and hand it down as my watch
  2. 9/11 represented daylight – hence the watch which I gave away and received back in return. End of Watch.
  3. Timex – that is actually how I stop time in this place, in order to start DigiPi.

O that was it duh

Now it comes to me finally – yeah what it is that they want and will get is to get something back from the clock, so in other words to come back to life through it and be born correctly. It is actually important for them and their recovery/development that they let go of the clock that way and the horrors of what it brought about.

So yeah that’s fine as it will move you up to Oxo – probably Oxygen for the direct contact. Hence Direct and Indirect…

Although I can’t remember if I locked it

But the red sock is now well and truly Enron!!! Fuck me man I got SS Freedom all wrong, it’s actually my tap yes but here it’s part of X-Drive!

So that means together it’s called: The SS Free:dom

Shaving Shack is the only anchor time business that I have as the O2 stuff ain’t mine – which is good as I don’t want to profit from that tbh.

The actual valve itself does function like a prism – it also allows you to get in and out of A but crucially it allows you to live outside and allowed me to enter!

Now you see me

Do you? I don’t know but I’m guessing they do somehow although no way do they know much about X-drive or my ICE. It won’t be a secret forever though.

About X-Drive: one can build mar-balls with it did you know that? the difficulty is more in the materials needed to build them but it is a function of my ship.