You know that’s the issue with a millennium – is the fact that anyone who’s alive during the transition is a  mule basically and that literally meant being one sexually too in this age. So what though I honestly still don’t give a shit.

Remember: you don’t really need this place

On the contrary as this place (the sound box) means that breaking the sound barrier is not possible in this space. So actually it is better without but they (He) need it.

You know that’s what they used to say back then, that partly they put this in as punishment for their inactivity but also because they are such a weak form of life that they need something to hold onto in order to live – and barely live at that.

So you should remember that about this place, Helium and them in general. Remember this is just a shop and a sewer ‘bp’ one at that.

What was each one?

  1. Seiko is how my shift actually started – my time to take care of this clock now and hand it down as my watch
  2. 9/11 represented daylight – hence the watch which I gave away and received back in return. End of Watch.
  3. Timex – that is actually how I stop time in this place, in order to start DigiPi.