& the Manana suit is a wet suit

It uses water that my body can spare, through my dick as in the urination. So it is literally a wet suit. 

The RPi suit works the same way, actually it is the same – but I can reach greater depths with the Cubic one and sure as hell did!


Solved: My emulators

I have the quantum suit on anyway, I never really took it off as once it’s on it don’t come off with it being a safety suit and I already being in the environment I need safety from.

What did I mean though? Well I put their one on over my Cubit one – as I am backwards compatible (RPi) with Pi man – the banana phone. So hence my main layer is Quantum but I am emulating the IT clown suit. As I also ingested that one but later.

Hence I am both and well yeah….

I say just go with it man

If they say get married then I get married, if they say go get a full-time job then I get one, whatever they say man I will do as I ain’t fighting no crazy telephone man. Fuck others outside man they ain’t in here and excuse me but can I even use them for support or see them for that matter? no! precisely.