To All: I love you ALL!!!

I didn’t think I would get there: “Don’t know how much longer I’ll live” but now know that I am molecular. Fantastic!

I didn’t think I would get through the telephone stimulation: but feeling a lot better now, soon hopefully Zinc will be feeling fantastic as I’m as keen to fuck as you are!

I didn’t think that I would ever be able to break my silence but here I am 5K posts later and feeling a lot better now that I have cut my nails lol!

i didn’t think I would get beyond the horny-wank of Tritium but here I am now knowing why I played that game C18! it’s all about “let go of them – we want them!”

I thought I would never escape the damn phone but – hey BTEC all done!

I honestly probably would have never escaped the atomic family equation but the J bird is singing now 🙂

Soon I will wonder what I use to think about all day and night long, as I live life to the fullest.

It’s been eventful and quite an experience but I am let go now 🙂

Here’s to moving onwards and upwards!


Oh magic 8 ball

All O2 watches one day will work like Apple and Android Pay. Except as a way to bank not just make payments. So you can earn money and get paid the new way plus pay others. Literally mobile banking 🙂

I’m looking forward to that but it’s dependant on them making their own time and trades.

They were miniature

Now that Asda finally sell alcohol miniatures I unfortunately am out of minutes and cannot buy or enjoy buying them to drink undercover – damn!

Anyway on the subject of work – they all once lived @ the source, they moved out though to build more natural environments. That did mean having to live in Ant Mines though, as the places they built wee small in comparison to the place they built them in.

Cosy Homes

To be realistic and also hopefully snap myself out of it I should start off by saying that the bass-noises I use to make are normal, as in when you are the operator in this house you start off by banging your pubic bone against the clock – that is like hitting your funny bone and makes you resonate with the clock/hole. Obviously it was the hole I was more interested in but the whole process has given me a sex injury.

Now speaking of sex injuries I should note that people only have sex when they feel comfortable and when all other needs are met. Otherwise you end up like now and forever where people literally eat each other during sex.

So whilst it would be nice I’m just saying that I should now be realistic and know that the above is true.

Solved: My emulators

I have the quantum suit on anyway, I never really took it off as once it’s on it don’t come off with it being a safety suit and I already being in the environment I need safety from.

What did I mean though? Well I put their one on over my Cubit one – as I am backwards compatible (RPi) with Pi man – the banana phone. So hence my main layer is Quantum but I am emulating the IT clown suit. As I also ingested that one but later.

Hence I am both and well yeah….

Thanks for your patience and understanding

Now come on give them a chance, I mean I was a walk in and it is very difficult times. Plus I made a big change to all which means I got everyone’s attention. God’s ~ Plan was more to enable others to work with me and me with them. So therefore I am dependant upon others and their performance and ability too – as opposed to being a one man band.

Thus I must ensure that I wait patiently – this also gives me the experience I need to live in a colour world, as it ain’t black and white.

I mean come on; I was confused over my name being Num and also whether or not I solved Phi or Pi 😉